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Best Carpet Cleaners’ Advice – Keep Dry, Bid Molds Goodbye

Posted on October 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

It’s a long magical ride for carpets, which may have originated in Central Asia in the 3rd millennium, traveled all the way to Europe and found prominence in many stately interiors, until it found its way to almost every American and European homes, today.

Women have dreaded cleaning carpets for long periods of time because of these 3 reasons: first reason is because it covers a huge space, second, it requires a certain degree of skill and care,3rd reason is that women should have some help with this chore as well Period.

The “odds” however are far outweighed by the benefits of unrolling this felted cloth on the floor. Some benefits as follows:

Aesthetics. Carpets are very comfortable to the touch, and feel; carpets can make a small room look very neat and orderly; the carpet can also make a business or home look very upscale.

Save energy. People who live up north who experience cold weather for the majority of the year can save a little bit on the electric bill because the carpet holds.

Safer. Carpet lessons the chance for a slip and fall accident.

Practical. Cleaning the carpet although it is not such an easy chore is much easier than cleaning tile and other surfaces. It eliminates the stripping of old wax and application of a new coat for one; cleaning can be scheduled less frequently than cleaning wood and laminat.

And with some positives there are always some negatives to owning carpet.

Since the carpet has a good chance to hold moisture, there may be an even better chance to have mold and mildew grow faster under the carpets. Let alone, molds and mildew can chew up your carpet easyslowly but surely.

Best carpet cleaners, better known as “carpet authority” can give you some recommendations of some cleaners that can help you with your problem., but would advise you not to throw caution to the wind. Read the labels carefully; check the manufacturer’s warnings.

It’s easier to grab from store shelves, molds and mildew removal solution than replacing a damaged carpet altogether, which is far expensive, too! Try not to believe everything you hear. If unsure, you can have a “dab test” on a less conspicuous part of the carpet, to make sure that the color of your carpet does not bleed with the molds.

Natural household remedies can be substituted to fight mold according to some professional carpet dry cleaning experts: try dusting off carpets with your kitchen’s baking soda. Once this is done weekly can help prevent the spreading of mold through your carpet. Vacuum up after 2 hours and you are done.

“But the best remedy is prevention”. Mold removal can be as simple as keeping moisture out of the houseMold and mildews thrive on damp and dark areas. There are a few simply housekeeping recomendations you can do to help prevent mold and mildew:

Brighten up! A home that has an abundance of sunlight can help beeter your chances to keep mold from invading your home because mold can live under sunny condition. place bright lights in place of the older dimly lit bulbs in the rooms that are dark and have a greater chance for mold growth.

Clean up. But the easiest way to prevent mold is to make sure your house is cleaned especially the bathrooms where moisture is probable. Simple.

Another option is to have Carpet dry cleaning, this can be done by a professional carpet cleaning company. You can find many carpet cleaning companies that specialize in carpet dry cleaning service.

Overall, having carpet throughout the home can be one of the best choices for flooring in your home or business. Carpet can be so nice and smooth that when you get home from a long day at work it will make you feel even happier when you take off your shoes.

5 of the Best Carpet Steam Cleaners

Posted on October 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

There are a plethora of carpet steam cleaners available on the market today, and it can be difficult for an individual to choose a single model. Reading professional and consumer written reviews can allow an individual the opportunity to ascertain others’ experiences with a particular model, which can be an ideal starting point in the hunt for carpet steamer. Major retail websites, such as Amazon and Yahoo, have several different carpet cleaners that have been ranked rather highly by consumers. Bissell produces two of the most highly rated models of steamers for carpets.

The first model on the run way is, the Bissell Quicksteamer Powerbrush Lightweight 2080! This steam cleaning machine is well known among consumers for its abilities to perform light carpet maintenance. The simplicity of its design and operation, in terms of filling, emptying, and cleaning its tank, were rather well enjoyed by most consumers.

The second model, the Bissell Spotbot 1200A, is especially popular among consumers because of its proficient abilities to remove urine, feces, and odor stains caused by household pets. Both models retail for slightly over $100.00.

The third most popular model, which is produced by Hoover, is called the SteamVac Carpet Cleaner F5914-900.

The fourth most popular model, which is also produced by Hoover, is called the Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner F8100900. The multiple roller system, the no fuss dial system, and easy to follow indicator lights were some of its most popular features amongst consumers. The two aforementioned models will cost approximately $145.89 and $325.00 respectively.

Finally, the fifth ranked carpet steam cleaner among consumers is the Wagner 905, 1,500 Watt On Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner. In addition to its ability to clean carpets, most consumers enjoyed that its accessories allowed the machine to be used to clean bathroom tiles, remove wallpaper, and to clean stovetops and grills. Click the link for free shipping on the Bissell Spotbot!

How to Choose the Best Carpet Steam Cleaner

Posted on October 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

Liquid spills on carpets are unavoidable especially if you have children playing around. Also, unexpected dirt from animals can ruin your precious rugs anytime. In these cases, you can opt to borrow a carpet cleaner from a neighbor or rent one from a dealer. These two options are good choices but having your own carpet steam cleaner will bring more convenience on your part.

Popular steam cleaner brands are Hoover, Bissell, Wagner and McCulloch. One of the best selling carpet steam cleaners in the US is from Hoover the SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge.

But before you buy a carpet steam cleaner, you should first read different user reviews so that you will know what features are important. You can visit community sites such as forums and ask some feedback on a particular product. Before you do that, you should first read the pointers discussed below so that you will know the basic characteristics of a carpet steam cleaner.

There are usually 4-6 forms of brushes available for this kind of carpet cleaner. Revolving brushes such as in Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner are efficient to use especially in removing extreme dirt on carpets. There are also two forms of carpet steam cleaner, the upright steam cleaner and the canister type cleaner.

If you are cleaning spots which are accessible by small cleaning materials then a canister type is perfect for you. It can reach the deepest corners to remove the dirt in there. But if you plan to clean a huge carpet then an upright carpet cleaner is necessary. This upright cleaner can cover larger space at a time that is why it can make your cleaning job faster and easier. But other people find this type of cleaner hard to use because they can barely lift or push it. You may not experience this problem especially if you possess enough strength.

When it comes to the liquid capacity of the two, it is a fact that canister steam cleaners can contain more liquid cleaner or hot water than the upright steam cleaner. There are also reports saying that the cooling rate of hot water inside a canister type cleaner is faster than the upright cleaner. With these facts, you can now assess your own situation and relate it to the capabilities and drawbacks of these forms of carpet steam cleaner so that in the end you will buy something that you really need.