Start a New Career With Commercial Carpet Cleaning Equipment

There’s always room for good workers in the field of carpet cleaning. It’s not a difficult business to learn, and the initial outlay is relatively small. Let’s face it! There are millions of homes in the United States, and most of those homes are filled with carpeting. Carpets get dirty, no matter how hard a homeowner tries to keep them clean, and sooner or later, all of these millions of carpets in millions of homes are going to need to be cleaned by someone. Maybe that someone could be you if you invest in the right commercial carpet cleaning equipment and learn the trade. It might be the start of a lucrative new career!

If you’re looking to start a carpet cleaning business but don’t have a lot of money to invest, you’ll be able to find used commercial carpet cleaning equipment on such websites as eBay and Craigslist. Although the cleaning units may not be as fancy as those the big steam cleaning outfits are using, you can still find something that will do a reasonable job of cleaning carpets and upholstery for under $1000. After all, there are a lot people out there who need to have their carpets cleaned but who can’t afford to hire one of the big outfits to do the job for them. That’s where you will come in. This type of equipment is small enough for you to haul around in your car, so you won’t be forced to buy another vehicle right away, either.

Once you get started and make a name for yourself, you’ll be able to begin enlarging your business. At that point you can start looking at bigger, truckmounted commercial carpet cleaning equipment. These machines will run you considerably more, but they will help you do the job in much less time. In addition, they will clean deeper and more thoroughly, and the drying time will be considerably less. With this type of a machine, you’ll truly become a professional carpet cleaner. You’ll be able to tackle larger jobs, such as stores, businesses, and schools, and your reputation and customer base will grow.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment For Office Buildings

In order to determine which model of carpet cleaning equipment would suit your office space best, it is important to specify your cleaning needs. How big is the office space? What are the widths of the doors and corridors? Where are the nearest electricity sources? Investing in advanced carpet cleaning equipment can increase the longevity of your carpets and improves the overall cleanliness and appearance of your office space.

Here are a few pointers to help you to determine which type of carpet cleaning equipment would suit your office-building-cleaning needs.

– Conventional carpet cleaning machines can leave carpets wet and soggy. There is nothing worse for a carpet’s health than being damp. These conditions make them susceptible to mould and bacteria, which can lead to an office filled with foul smells. Businesses are advised to select low-flow carpet cleaners, which ensures that a carpet will be perfectly dry less than 2 hours after been cleaned.

– As discussed above, low flow models have greater water usage efficiency. A carpet cleaner that has this capability is the encapsulation carpet cleaning machine. These models not only reduce drying times by over a quarter compared to, but they reduce water wastage and excess money spent on wastewater disposal.

– Industrial vacuum cleaners are a relatively inexpensive and are a tried and tested method of keeping an office clean and tidy. They are integral for removing dust and allergens from carpets and upholstery. To achieve the best results, it is recommended that an office is vacuumed once every two days. While this may seem time-exhaustive, regularly vacuuming can extend the life of your carpet significantly.

– If your office carpets are frequently afflicted with stubborn greasy and muddy stains, then a powerful portable carpet cleaner or truck mount carpet cleaning equipment may be your best option. Both models have industrial-strength pressure and are highly effective, however, while portable carpet cleaners are suitable for small to medium sized areas, truck mounts are ideal for cleaning larger office spaces. If you need a machine that’s easy to manoeuvre though, opt for a portable carpet cleaner. These machines have the added advantage of mobility and can be easily transported and manoeuvred.

– Carpet extractors are another wise investment for commercial settings. These cleaning machines utilise the steam to extract more bacteria and dirt from carpets than vacuum cleaners and also do not need to be used as regularly. Carpet extractors are useful for achieving a deep clean.

Most carpet cleaning machines are ideally suited for a variety of office cleaning tasks and can perform expertly on surfaces such as carpets, upholstery, chairs, rugs and curtains. And whilst it is true that the cost of some commercial carpet cleaning equipment may seem extreme, in the long run these cleaning machines can represent a significant investment.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment – Top Choices

Hiring professional carpet cleaners is practical as you can schedule regular worry-free carpet cleaning. However, if your company is thinking of cutting costs, why not do away with the large monthly rental fees and get your own carpet cleaning equipment. There are now different kinds of carpet cleaning equipment that you can avail of, some specialized for specific locations, and mostly portable and easier to store.

The most popular of these are called carpet extractors, because it extracts dirt from your carpet. Most vacuum cleaners suck up dirt but carpet extractors go beyond that and really get your carpet clean. Carpet extractors usually have two stage vacuum motors, the first to sweep out all the easily removable dirt, then the second to siphon out the soapy water that shampoos your carpet in between stages. This second vacuum ensures that the carpet dries quickly. Drying a damp carpet is obviously of major importance, and some brands have begun to make carpet extractors with three stage vacuum facility, the third usually as an extra dryer, either another suction stage, or an air blower. There are, of course, air blowers that are sold separately.

The conventional carpet extractors are usually larger and bulkier, with hoses and compartments that still need to be attached before you can start to clean. Of course, carpet cleaning brands have improved on this by introducing self-contained carpet extractors, with the hoses found inside the unit. All you’ll need to do is pour in the high-concentration formula and the extractor is ready to go. These self-contained units are available in small, box units and large, ride-on units, which you can ride in like you would lawn mowers. These ride-on self contained carpet extractors are best for large facilities with a lot of carpet to clean.

Another improvement that carpet cleaning brands have developed is that a lot of the new models available are much more quiet than their original cleaners. These are best for hospitals and nursing homes.

Other carpet cleaning equipment include carpet spotters, which target small areas and stains, floor and carpet scrubbers, which not only clean carpets but sweep and polish hard floors as well. Carpet spotters, as well as other carpet cleaning equipment are usually furnished with accessories with different functions, such as cleaning upholstery on armchairs and couches, wall coverings and small rugs, and also do auto detailing as well.

So, whether you’re a small office or a larger space with a lot of flooring, like hospitals, schools, restaurants and hotels, getting your own carpet cleaning equipment is not as difficult or improbable as it used to be.