Carpet Cleaning Equipment – A Tacky Story

Does a cleaned carpet get dirtier quicker?

The answer to this depends on the method and carpet cleaning equipment used. the carpet has been “steam cleaned” the answer almost always is an emphatic No! Your newly-cleaned carpet should be a delight.

But if the rug cleaning has been carried out by a typical form of shampooing – almost always a “do it yourself” approach – then the answer is very probably Yes! And the reason is because shampooing tends to leave behind a sticky residue. And not surprisingly this attracts dirt.

Sticky and Tacky!

For the first few days the colours do indeed look brighter and cleaner – shampoos tend to be heavy on colour brighteners – but very quickly the carpet begins to look grubbier than it did before it was last cleaned!

Hence the misconception that carpet cleaning encourages the fast return of dirt.

Most Like it Hot

Steam cleaning – or hot water extraction as it is properly called: steam as such doesn’t come into it – is very different, and will give you the quality and durability you should expect and insist upon.

Using non-foaming detergents, a warm vapor is created by heated water mixed with a gentle and effective cleaning agent. Warm enough to loosen dirt and soil but careful and sensitive enough to avoid over-wetting, shrinkage or discoloration, the mixture is injected into the carpet pile.

The powerful suction of professional machines then immediately draws 95% plus of the now soiled water out and into the tank.

Your carpets are now thoroughly cleaned, with textures restored and colours brightened! And no sticky shampoo residue to magnetise dirt. And in many cases stains and spots will vanish in the process – but not it should be emphasised – where stain has removed the dye or impacted on it.