Carpet Cleaning Equipment Tips

If you wish to be on top of everyone in the carpet cleaning business, it is extremely important that you keep your work force equipped with the best carpet cleaning equipment.

For getting the ultimate cleaning performance, and to take your carpet cleaning business to the next level, you can look for advanced options such as truck mount. Remember, a portable extractor has lower power and it can’t do all kinds of tasks with full efficiency.

On the other hand, the truck mounts are easier and quicker to set up, and they’re capable of performing many tasks, which require higher power levels. A number of carpet cleaning equipments are launched into the market every other day, and it is important to keep your inventory updated with the best cleaning equipments.

Looking at one such option, which is currently quite popular in the market — The Titan 875 is an easy to operate machine that runs on three cleaning speeds and allows you to run three wands simultaneously.

It comes with a Tuthill(TM) 5009 tri-lobe blower and an amazing 61 horsepower GM VortecĀ® 1.6 liter, fuel injected engine. As far as the serviceability is concerned, you won’t find anything to complaint whatsoever. It has several other impressive capabilities and is currently marketed with several attractive offers. So, it might fit your inventory perfectly, if you’re in indeed of new equipment at the moment.

The carpet cleaning business has massive potential and currently even the big guns like GMAC and Ford are eager to work with carpet cleaners.

Some of the carpet cleaning equipment leave high moisture content after cleaning. This is an important consideration when you purchase any of the equipment. Apart from pricing you must also take such considerations into account and pick only those carpet cleaning equipments, which are efficient is all the aspects.

Remember, your customers won’t be too happy if the carpet takes couple of hours to dry up completely after steaming or cleaning is done. So, it is important that you only make use of those machinery that work fast and leave low moisture content so that the carpet dries up very quickly, and that it doesn’t degrade the carpet quality even marginally.