Portable Carpet Cleaning Equipment Benefits

Whether a small area of carpet or a huge commercial rug, portable carpet cleaning equipment comes in a variety of sizes and uses to fit your needs. Whether it is a spotter machine for small areas or one with a capacity of several gallons of cleaners, there’s one to tackle the job.

The keyword in portable carpet cleaning equipment is portable. There are different interpretations of what portable actually means. To some it means being able to pick a unit up in one hand and move it from place to place. To others, especially professional carpet cleaners, it means mounting to a vehicle and moving to different jobsites for use.

For small jobs requiring only a spotting type of portable carpet cleaning equipment, having the machine, whether a scrubber or extractor, can be portable enough to carry in the truck of a car. On the other end of the portable carpet cleaning equipment specter, are the units, which are truck-mounted, such as Stanley Steamer, which uses truck-mounted equipment for portability.

Residential And Commercial Equipment Can Be Moved

For home use by the homeowner, portable carpet cleaning equipment may include a steam cleaner with a built-in extractor to clean and remove cleaning liquids at the same time. Otherwise, two pieces of equipment may be used. One for scrubbing, or steam cleaning, and a separate extractor to remove moisture, allowing carpets to dry much quicker.

Commercial applications require the same type equipment, usually built for heavy duty use to last longer while being used more frequently. For some uses larger equipment, usually on wheels and some with self-propelled abilities, can be transported in a truck, unloaded for use, classifying them as portable carpet cleaning equipment.

However, portability is a subjective name as smaller units can be used to spot clean commercial carpets and larger units for whole-carpet cleansing. The homeowner will want portable carpet cleaning equipment that can be used and stored in a closet. In addition to scrubbers and steam cleaners, other portable carpet cleaning equipment include blowers to help dry the carpet and bucket heaters to keep liquids used in steam cleaners hot during use. These are especially helpful for large jobs involving larger portable carpet cleaning equipment.

Choosing the right equipment will depend on the job that is being attempted along with the ability of the user to use that equipment. Check around different companies and you’re sure to find the right portable carpet cleaning equipment to help you out.

Your Guide For Selecting The Right Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Selecting the right carpet cleaning equipment has significant advantages for its buyer, whether the buyer is the owner of a carpet cleaning business or another business type simply needing a cleaner environment. Just as professional carpet cleaners need the best equipment to do the job, so do businesses that have safety concerns or that want to be kept looking as clean as possible. Identifying the right carpet cleaning equipment means having a cost-effective way to clean quickly and with as little manpower as possible.

There are several advantages to having the right equipment with the first being the ability to clean an area in as little time as possible. For the carpet cleaning business, this means being able to complete more jobs within a specific amount of time. For an office building or any other type of business open to a lot of foot traffic, it means having a clean appearance and eliminating any substances that could be a health hazard or a slip and fall threat. The following is your guide on how to find the right carpet cleaning equipment for your specific situation:

1. Evaluate your needs – Every business has different needs based upon the type of business, the facility, and any other unique factors that exist. For instance, a carpet cleaning business will most likely need a truck mount system or a very powerful portable system in addition to air movers and carpet extractors. Truck mount systems are ideal for cleaning hard surfaces, carpet, and upholstery and those capabilities give carpet cleaning companies the power and versatility needed to do the job.

2. Gauge the foot traffic – If the carpet has to withstand a lot of foot traffic, then you will need carpet cleaning equipment that can handle the dirt and grime that becomes ground into the carpet. A powerful and portable carpet cleaning machine can do well as a simple vacuum or a carpet shampooer. For large areas, truck mount units are the ideal equipment for carpet cleaners, but office buildings may benefit from a walk behind carpet extractor due to its ability to clean and dry carpet at the same time and at a rapid rate.

3. Look at your budget – Your budget will determine your options in terms of which pieces of equipment you can afford. You don’t, however, want to purchase equipment that is not large enough or inadequate for the job or you will find yourself buying another piece of equipment soon after, which means spending more money than you would have initially by buying the right equipment.

4. Purchase from a reputable company – It is a must to make the purchase from a reputable company to ensure quality machines that are efficient and durable. You are looking for reputation, durability in construction, power, fuel source, and other important areas that will influence how well the equipment works for you.

Overall, the company you buy from, your budget, and your cleaning needs are going to dominate what kind of carpet cleaning equipment you purchase. The idea is to use that equipment to create a return on investment many times over. For the carpet cleaning business, making a lot of money is the goal. For a business in need of its own equipment as opposed to outsourcing or using insufficient machines, it’s the difference between appealing to consumers, having a safe work environment and ensuring the carpet lasts as long as possible since replacements cost money.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment For School Maintenance

Due to the vast size of most educational facilities and the amount of dirt that they can collect, the traditional bucket of hot, soapy water is simply not good enough. In order to keep the floors free of dust, debris and dirt for safety and hygiene reasons, it is crucial that a range of carpet cleaning equipment is utilised. The following are the different types of carpet cleaners and how they can be applied to your school cleaning needs.

• One of the most important types of carpet cleaning equipment in a school environment is truck mount carpet cleaning equipment. Due to their daily usage and heavy foot traffic, schools can collect a substantial amount of dirt and dust and truck mount systems are a tried and tested method of removing debris and allergens from upholstery and carpets.

• Perhaps the worst thing you can do to a carpet is to leave it damp for a prolonged period of time. These dank and soggy conditions are the perfect environment for the build-up of mould and bacteria. This can be a real problem if using conventional carpet cleaning techniques, as carpets can remain wet for several hours after being cleaned. Carpet cleaners with a low-flow setting such as encapsulation carpet cleaners are ideal for this type of environment as carpets can be within a few hours after cleaning.

Encapsulation carpet cleaners are ideally suited for school maintenance. Not only do they significantly reduce drying times they are also more efficient and economical in the way that they use water, thus decreasing the amount of water that is wasted and helping businesses cut the cost of money spent on dirty water disposal.

• Schools and education facilities can rely on a carpet extractor to remove the really greasy and stubborn stains such as chewing gum, paint and cooking oils. These cleaning machines combine powerful suction, high airflow and high temperatures to clean even the most afflicted carpets and floors.

Cleaning carpets in educational facilities poses a number of unique problems for cleaning contractors and staff. Of course, the main issue is to ensure that carpets are kept free of allergens, dust and dirt and are washed and dried thoroughly, but it’s also important that the cleaning of carpets is carried out in a way that minimizes disruption to day-to-day school activities. The majority of cleaning carpet equipment is capable of cleaning not only carpets, but curtains, upholstery and drapes as well and certain models feature low noise levels.